Tipster competition terms

The prize pool

The monthly prize pool is 120 EUR, which are provided by our sponsor - the bookmaker Bet365. At the end of the month the person topping the ranking will win 60 EUR, the second will get 40 EUR and for the 3rd best tipster we have 20 EUR. The awards are paid after the ranking is published on the main page (usually after the fifth day of next month) in the personal Bet365's accounts of participants in the form of free bet, with a small condition for withdraw - one roll-over with minimal coefficient of 1.50.

The winners will receive their prices within 30 days after release of the standings.


The game starts on the first day of each month, at which time all participants will receive 1,000 credits to bet. At the beginning of each new week of the month (exact at 00:00 on Monday) participants receive additional 1000 credits.

The winner will be announced when we evaluate all bets, placed within the month. At the end of the game the winner of the challenge will be the person with the highest profit for the month. Our second criteria to form the ranking is the number of the placed bets. If you have less bets than other player with the same profit, you will be in front of him (Pay attention that you must have at least 10 bets placed).


  1. Participation in this game is for free and players are not involved in any way and anyone who wishes can join.
  2. Once you have registered, go to the section Betting and recommend our site to three of your friends, so they join the competition too.
  3. The participation of one person with two or more accounts is forbidden. This may result in disqualification.
  4. Winnings are paid to the participant sponsor's account.
  5. It is forbidden participants to use the same account from the bookmaker sponsor.
  6. Each player starts the competition with 1000 credits and at the beginning of each week will receive new 1000.
  7. Valid are all bets that are placed before the game start.
  8. For the standings apply all bets placed in the current month, no matter if they will play 1-2 days later.
  9. Void bets or suspended and postponed matches are marked as "p-p" and receive factor 1.00.
  10. Each participant must have placed at least 10 along the month to participate in the distribution of the prizes.
  11. The winner is the participant who has accumulated the most credits during the month and have at least placed bets.
  12. In case of disqualification of an participant, the prize is given to next one.
  13. Once you receive notification that you are one of the winners, you have one week time to send us your username, otherwise the prize goes to another participant.
  14. Any violation will result in deletion of users or other punishment choosen by the administration of BETPORTAL.