Article, Betting a small amount on more events


Betting a small amount on more events

Strategy: Bet a fixed amount (for example 5$) on more events to achieve medium/high winnings.
Goal: To establish medium gains on a long term.

By applying this strategy with the picks of each day, at least you will be able to recover the money from the missed picks and with a little luck you will make a profit. The philosophy of this strategy might sound like this: If you dont want to become rich in one week, with a little patience you can win a lot on the long term.

All those who bet on sports online know that one can lose much in one day and win more the next day, so it is advisable to consider a strategy to follow to avoid being carried away by impulses, by affinity to computers, and so on. Therefore what we must establish is a strategy to follow before signing up in a gambling house to bet on the daily picks.

First, before betting any money, we must search the sports betting house that offers "more for less." There are plenty of gambling houses, so we have to get information on which gives us greater variety in betting, best shares, bonds, payout methods, and so on.

The next step is to sign up at the chosen betting site. From here there is one more important thing to do: you should decide upon a daily betting budget, and this way you can avoid loosing all your money in just two days without having any profit at all. A phrase must be taken seriously: "There is no safe bet," there will be a higher or lower probability of winning, but no one ever won a bet before knowing the outcome. So it is preferable to consider a strategy that you can rely on day by day, and do not expect to become rich in only a few days. It is essential to search for all the relevant data about the events you are going to bet on, but that does not assure winning either, we must also take into account other factors that statistics cant tell us, such as the weather factor, the time factor, the emotional state of the teams or players, or the casualties of a team. After looking up all this information, one might already have enough documentation to place the bet. Lets say that we can get to add up to 15-20 bets a day, so we recommend you to decide upon an amount of money to spend per day, lose or win it all. The euphoria of sports betting may lead a gambler to bankruptcy. In case you bet a maximum of 10 bets a day, always look for a 1.50 share of picks and bet a minimum fixed amount to all of them, lets say 5$, therefore we bet a maximum of 50$ per day, starting with a 200$ initial balance that can be invested in online sports betting. All that we carry out, on the basis that no bet is safe, and knowing that with 10 bets there are more chances of winning compared to betting all that budget only on 1 or 2 events, with this betting strategy you can keep gambling losses at a minimum level.

Simple and combined online sports bets are both risky, as a result we can lose the entire bet, but on the other hand we can win a lot of money too. Thus, it is more convenient to place simple bets and to choose combined bets only when you are somewhat convinced that the odds are in your favor. With this strategy it is true that you will not achieve very significant gains in a short term, but we do believe that it works in the medium to long term, as we anticipate that the 10 bets will ensure a 60-70% hit, and one will cash in small profits on a daily basis. If you manage to obtain a small amount each day, lets say 5$, soon you will be able to increase your sports betting budget and thus gain even more with this strategy of betting smaller amounts on more events. Choose a betting strategy that fits your style and if it turns out to be profitable, stick to it!

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