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Asian Handicaps Betting Guide

Asian handicaps are somewhat of a mystery to a lot of people, but in fact are very straightforward, it just gets its mystique from the name and the name comes from the fact that most Asians bet on soccer in this format. Asian Handicap Explained In a lot of games there tends to be a hot favourite say Chelsea to beat West Brom, people would think that Chelsea will probably win easily and so the bookmaker will make a market at say +2. What the bookmaker is saying is that Chelsea must beat West Brom by at least 3 goals for you collect on backing Chelsea at say 2.1 or you can back West Brom at say 1.8 to win, draw or lose by just one goal. If Chelsea wins by two goals the stakes are refunded.

There is also a slight variation to the above called a double handicap and simply put the wager in this case is split in two an example of a double bet handicap would be: Leeds Utd. (-½,-1) v West Ham (+½,+1) in this case you are simply betting on two events so do not be put off by this type Asian Handicap.

If you are interested in a full tutorial victor chandler provide an excellent one and is recommended.

A number of the major bookmakers offer Asian Handicaps such as canbet, ladbrokes and bet365. Bookmakers who have international customers usually cover this type of bet and these sites all offer this market

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