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Sports vs. Online Casino

With every sport comes a different style of betting. Most team-based sports are bet to win with a point spread, while individual based sports are bet in a matchup on a money line. There are differences between each, but the similarity is that you are essentially betting on the outcome of the game, match, or event. This is also true in other forms of gambling, such as online casino games. You bet on a specific outcome, whether it’s a coin toss, roll of a dice or turn of a card.  In those games, however, the odds never change – the roulette odds are always the same. A proposition bet in craps is not the same as a proposition bet in sports betting. In craps, a prop bet always has a huge house advantage, and no casino bonus in the world can eliminate that edge, but you can make good prop bets when wagering on sports.

Betting to Win

In a bet to win, a bettor picks the overall winner of the game—in an NFL bet to win the spread might be Patriots -7 vs. Eagles. In this bet, you are betting the Patriots will win by 7 points. If they do not win by more than seven, your bet does not pay out. If you pick the Eagles, they don’t have to win—they simply have to stay within seven points of the Patriots.


You can bet to win on upcoming games as well as games in the future, picking the outcome of games well into the season (and post-season) on most team based sports. This type of bet is the most common in team sports.


Matchup Bets

In a matchup bet, an individual is pitted against another individual and the bet is made on a money line. This type of bet favors one player over another and does not reflect the outcome of an event. In a matchup bet, you aren’t necessarily picking the winner of the event—you are picking the best performing individual out of the two listed in the money line. If the money line lists a “field” of multiple players, then the bet is that one player will outperform all of the others in the “field” (or that any individual player in the field will outperform the singly listed player). A matchup bet in golf might read Tiger Woods -300 vs. Vijay Singh +250. Tiger does not have to win the tournament in order for you to collect on your wager; he just has to beat Vijay.


Proposition Bets

Proposition bets are an altogether different kind of bet. A proposition bet can occur during an event, before an event, after an event, or regardless of an event. A proposition bet may or may not have anything to do with points, scores, or other “winning” rules. Proposition bets (or “exotic” bets) are the side bets that happen in the world around an event. A proposition bet during the Super Bowl can include who wins the coin toss, which quarterback throws for the highest total yardage, or the margin of victory. In a NASCAR race, a proposition bet could include which team has the highest overall finish (every driver on the team). In golf, a proposition bet might revolve around which player shoots the highest total number of birdies during a round.


Proposition bets are the exciting bets that involve the world of the sport you are watching. These bets have more to do with the intricacies of the individual sports than with point totals or the winning team. Proposition bets usually occur around the standard bets to win and matchup bets for an event. They can be placed on futures, like bets to win and they can be placed on individuals like a money line. Flexible and unpredictable, proposition bets are another item a good sports bettor keeps in his pocket.


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