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Bet on the draw

A lot of punters have a hard time predicting draws, so it's not surprising the draw isn't the most popular type of bet out there. It's much more fun rooting for a win anyway. So why bet on a stalemate? Because it pays well! Draws shouldn't be the most frequent outcome you pick, but there are times when it makes sense to back them.

Try and find a match where both teams will have a tough time breaking each other down. One way of doing this is looking for matches between an in-form mid-table side playing at home against a top-table away side. For example, match-ups from the 2005-2006 season that fit this profile might be Bolton vs. Liverpool, Lazio vs. Juventus, or Villarreal vs. Real Madrid.

The visiting team has the quality to escape the game without losing, but they also have trouble scoring against an in-form home side. Both teams in this situation are happy to settle for a draw, and that is quite often the result. Another quick and easy way to identify potential draws is to study the Asian Handicap odds. Look for games where the handicap is set to (0) or level ball. This implies both teams are relatively evenly matched and the bookies don't want to offer a head start to either team. Games like this tend to draw more often than you might think.

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