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BoDog Poker Bonus - 110% Sign-up Poker bonus

BoDog Poker:

BoDog Poker 110% Sign-up Poker bonus

BoDog Poker
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Deposit bonus

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Open a new account with Bodog Poker and earn a bonus of up to 110% on your first deposit. Make your first deposit and receive immediately 10% instant bonus. Then start play poker. The more poker points you earn in the next 60 days, the more bonuses you will get. Once you have earned 100 points you will receive another 10% bonus. When you have earned 500 points, then you will get another 40% bonus. Your last bonus you will receive, when you make 1000 points. There are also 3 additional bonus levels - 3000 points - 150$ bonus, 6000 points - 300$ and 10000 - 1000$ bonus.

Terms & Conditions:

  • the instant 10% bonus will be issued on your FIRST deposit only
  • the remaining 100% tiered bonus is calculated based on your first deposit amount as well as any additional deposits you make the same calendar day to account for some deposit method restrictions
  • the bonuses issued are based on points earned the first 60 days from the date of your first deposit
  • there is no rollover on bonuses issued off poker points earned
  • the maximum bonus issued is 1100$ and is issued in the currency of your account at the currency exchange rate


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